Hair: tips and inspirations

Hair in bad shape? Find out what makes it look unflattering

Dry and dull hair, oily and covered by dandruff, or perhaps hair that is brittle and falls out uncontrollably? This is not how we want to visualize our strands like. Therefore, if you noticed the tresses getting less and less flattering, if you see your hair is getting worryingly weaker

Prep your hair for the springtime! Top 3 home treatments

You spend a lot of time at home but this doesn’t mean you can leave your hair as it is… You can provide it with top-notch hair care budget-friendly! Why don’t you create your own beauty studio and do treatments that your hairdo has never experienced before? A couple

Dip dye your hair if you dare!

You are dreaming of blue hair but don’t have enough courage to dye it? Try out dip dye hair and color just the tips. See why this technique is trending now! There are days when we look at our hairdos and they seem so boring that we feel like

How to care for hair in cold weather?

There are two seasons of the year that are particularly bothering for our hairdos: winter and autumn. When the summer comes to an end, the sun-damaged hair faces to new challenges and problems. If your tresses are unruly too, see the top five hair problems and the best remedies