How to brush the hair correctly? Learn the foolproof solutions

It can’t be denied, proper hair brushing techniques play a tremendously important role in hair care. You can’t expect any hair care product to improve your strands unless you keep brushing them in a wrong way. No matter if you forget how important this is or if you are just unaware of the right combing techniques – here is a short guide for you to help you detangle the hair causing zero damage to it.

Brush the hair minding its type

Each hair type has to be treated differently. The same applies to combing. The most common hair division minds the hair texture, or to put it differently, how curly the hair is. Therefore,

Straight hair has to be detangled before and after shampooing. However, it should be realized that before running a comb through, the hair must be dry. Combing strands prior to washing eases application of a conditioner. When it comes to the tools used for this procedure, straight hair should be detangled with a natural bristle brush. One of the biggest assets of such tool is that it doesn’t tug or pull hair out which is exceptionally useful if the hair is knotty. Another plus of natural bristle brush is its ability to prevent static. While blow-drying straight hair, you can make use of a big round brush that will help you smooth the cuticles out.

Wavy hair, alike the straight hair, has to be combed after washing. In order to detangle wavy hair, you should reach for wide tooth combs that add volume to the strands. You should also take into consideration buying a ball tipped wooden hairbrushes. This type of hair tool will significantly facilitate combing wavy hair.

Curly hair, unlike the two above-mentioned types of hair, shouldn’t be often brushed. It’s also worth realizing that the best time for detangling curly hair is when it’s still damp. It’s also a good idea to apply special leave-in conditioners to ease styling. Using fingers to detangle curly hair seems to be equally effective as using a wide tooth comb. However, if you want to treat the strands with a proper tool, try to find a comb made of natural organic material such as wood or horn (e.g. buffalo).

Techniques that facilitate hair brushing

The first and the most important aspect that has to be born in mind while brushing the hair is being super gentle. This means that you can’t do any tugging, pulling or jerking since such practices will do nothing but damage to the strands. Secondly, it’s a good idea to divide the hair into smaller sections and then brush strand by strand. While combing the hair, flip your head over. This posture has many advantages. For example, in this way you boost blood flow in the scalp which promotes hair growth. Finally, proper hair brushing helps you get rid of the dust and grime that have accumulated on the strands throughout a day.