How to care for hair in cold weather?

There are two seasons of the year that are particularly bothering for our hairdos: winter and autumn. When the summer comes to an end, the sun-damaged hair faces to new challenges and problems. If your tresses are unruly too, see the top five hair problems and the best remedies to enjoy lovely hair regardless of the weather.

How to care for hair in cold weather? Five problems & the best solutions!


Static is an unpleasant and very popular problem we face particularly in the winter and autumn. It’s mostly triggered by hats and sweaters. They make the hair lose its form and it’s hard to get it back while flyaways persistently stick out. It’s all caused by the electric charges that are different than the charges on the hair.

The solution is very simple: rub a drop of a liquid silk conditioner into tresses to make them smoother. Using an ionic blow-dryer and all kinds of anti-static leave-in conditioners will help you remedy the situation. When you hear a crackling sound whenever the hair touches your piece of clothing, try using an anti-static fabric softener to prevent the flyaways.


In the autumn and winter, hair loses its shine and condition, it becomes dull-looking and lifeless. The hydration is gone so tresses are very dry. It’s all caused by the difference of temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions, plus central heating which makes the air very dry. Consequently, neither your hair nor the scalp receives support or relief from the harmful temperatures. That is why it’s best if you could aid your tresses and treat them to a relaxing and revitalizing SPA: apply a nighttime deeply-conditioning mask made up of natural oils. On some other day, use a vitamin and keratin-rich hair mask. This way you can restore the hydration and resilience.


Thankfully, broken and split hair ends are no longer common because we finally decided to have the tresses trimmed once in a while. However, the hair – the ends in particular – suffers under the hat and thick coats so we should devote it more time to re-hydrate it. Let’s rub natural oils into hair tips, use the apple cider vinegar rinse and ready-made anti-split ends serums. We should never forget to visit the salon regularly. If you want to fully care for your hair tips, keep away from heat-styling tools. When you don’t plan on going out, let your hair air-dry after washing.


Hair goes flat and limp when you wear a hat. To regain volume, you need to use lightweight mousses and a mild hairspray, ideally for fine delicate hair, which does not weigh it down or make it stiff. If you need an instant volume boost, reach out for a dry shampoo and comb out the tresses.


Hair that falls out in excess is a popular problem which may be connected with the seasons of the year, for example. The hormonal imbalance results in weaker hair and follicles that lose vitality and strength. Hair thinning may also be caused by poor diet, stressful life, medication. That is why first you need to detect the cause of your problem, consult your doctor and find out why your hair sheds. The natural oils and intensive hair oil treatment (you can perform at home) are the perfect remedies that reach the source of the problem, strengthening the follicles and activating them – this is the very reason why you should apply them to the scalp as well.