Is there something better than a hair mask?

Among hundreds of hair care products, women like to reach for masks due to strong effects. Surprisingly, natural hair oils make a huge competition for masks. Oils have a wider range of uses, perfectly cooperate with all hair types and have safer ingredients. Fancy knowing more?

Nanoil Hair Oil - alternative for the hair mask

Let’s compare – hair oils vs masks

  • An oil is the only product you can match to three types of hair porosity (structure). Masks don’t work for all hair types because they are mainly designed for dry and damaged hair. In case of other problems, oiling your hair is a better solution.
  • Natural hair oils make a comfier solution because you can use them like a mask or in many different ways. You can oil dry or wet strands, a few hours or 15 mins before washing, after washing, before styling, as a hot oil treatment or a mild mist during the day. Hair masks go with strict instructions for use that must be followed.
  • Oils have lighter consistency and better absorption properties so you can massage them into hair (the right small quantities) and leave in. A hair mask must be always washed off.
  • There is a striking difference in the composition of oils and masks. Lots of potentially comedogenic substances – silicones, parabens, glycerol, etc. – are often included in masks. On the other hand, hair oils are natural, safe and good for scalp oiling. You cannot apply a mask to your scalp.

What does it mean? Oils are more natural, easier to use, more effective, better matched to the needs of all hair types (even fine, sensitive, dull or thinning hair) and  – most of all – suitable for scalp care. Surely, they are the best substitute for a hair mask as they fulfill lots of tasks with the power of natural nutrients. Which hair oil is the best?

Women recommend

Nanoil opens up limitless and new possibilities to hundreds of women. Hair care has never matched our needs as perfectly before. Nanoil hair oil is a professional treatment with natural oils created for three hair types:

  • damaged, dry, split and over-processed: Nanoil for high porosity hair,
  • weak, frizzy: Nanoil for medium porosity hair,
  • easily weighed down and hard to style: Nanoil for low porosity hair.

An ideal replacement for a hair mask, conditioner, serum and dozens of other styling, smoothing or beautifying products. Nanoil hair oil delivers maximum effectiveness and reaches the source of the problem, working from within, on the hair surface and conditioning the scalp.

  1. In-depth reconstruction of external and internal hair structure.
  2. Acid-base harmony on the scalp.
  3. Hair growth boost and stopped hair thinning.
  4. Locking water inside hair and perfect hydration.
  5. Defrizzing, smoothing, softening.
  6. Reduced blow-dry time and easier styling.
  7. Elasticity, shine, hair color and texture definition.
  8. Eliminating dandruff, oiliness and static.

The three Nanoils have something in common – a perfectly devised formula that is rich in the finest-quality natural oils and enhanced by conditioning and hair growth ingredients. The oils are formulated without parabens and silicones. They are natural and strongly concentrated.

Nanoil for low porosity hair is composed of nine natural oils rich in saturated fatty acids – ideal for heavy hair with a tight cuticle layer. Nanoil for high porosity hair is the composition of six oils abounding in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that match the damaged and limp hair structure. The third version – Nanoil for medium porosity hair – includes six oils with omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids that are the best for weak hairdos.

All Nanoil hair and scalp oils are enriched with UV filter, vitamins (e.g. antiaging tocopherol) and substances that stimulate hair growth. The hair oil contains the best ingredients, working thanks to the power of natural oils and extra substances chosen to fulfill the needs of hair.

(more information on the ingredients can be found on the product’s website:


Nanoil is a weightless cosmetic that instantly absorbs into hair. 1-4 pumps (depending on the hair length and application method) are enough for covering the hair well. You can apply the oil in many different ways – to dry or damp strands, before washing or styling, to the scalp, hair ends or the whole length of hair. Its subtle and enchanting aroma lingers on hair all day long. Nanoil is a great solution for women who need an all-natural and beautifully designed product. The cosmetic comes with a handy pump applicator and solid bottle.

Positive opinions for:
  • endearing and long-lasting scent,
  • ingredients matching hair porosity,
  • combining oils with extra substances,
  • full and on-point hair care,
  • multitasking and comfy application,
  • lightweight and quick-absorbing formula.
Negative opinions for:
  • the price that is too high for some people,
  • the fingerprints that spoil the elegance of the bottle.