Prep your hair for the springtime! Top 3 home treatments

You spend a lot of time at home but this doesn’t mean you can leave your hair as it is… You can provide it with top-notch hair care budget-friendly! Why don’t you create your own beauty studio and do treatments that your hairdo has never experienced before? A couple of simple mixtures give unbelievable effects! Check how to get stunning, healthy, strong hair for the springtime with top 3 tried and tested treatments you can effortlessly do at home.

1. Hair oil treatment

It’s an old oriental hair treatment which has already taken over the whole world. Treat your hair to the amazing power of old-time mixtures made of natural oil blends. You can mix oils in equal amounts or apply a different oil every time to check how it works on your hair. Note: you need to pick the right oil for your hair porosity (condition and appearance).

Oil treatment is the best hair-nourishing therapy and it brings outstanding results because you don’t use it exclusively on hair – you apply it to the skin on the head as well. This way you reinforce the tresses from the roots to the tips. Only oils have enough strength to nourish the hair follicles.

Choose an oil and apply it to dry hair or damp tresses after a wash. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the oil work for around half an hour or longer. If you’ve got enough time, you can leave it in even for several hours so the oil can work better. After that, apply a hair mask or conditioner to neutralize the greasy oil and make it easier to wash it off. Rinse the oil and mask, wash the hair and style as usual.

2. Beer for smooth hair

Beer contains hop cone extract which turns out to be a hair-care marvel. This very drink is a source of valuable minerals (silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium). It’s a good idea to use it on hair from time to time. You just need to remember to find a good-quality unpasteurized wheat beer. Flavored beers aren’t suitable for hair care.

How to use beer on hair then? A beer hair rinse is amazing. You open a beer around half an hour before using it so it goes flat and the odor fades. Next pour the beer into a bowl and add twice as much water. Wash your hair and dip the hair in the mixture, soaking the hair for a few minutes. Don’t rinse the tresses – gently towel dry and let them air-dry. Beer nourishes the hair leaving it soft and shiny.

3. Vinegar for glossy hair

Vinegar is slightly acidic so it closes hair cuticles, restores stunning shine, makes hair smooth and nice to touch, plust it detangles and removes all substances that a shampoo can’t do away with (e.g. heavy silicones, product build-up). Vinegar also conditions the scalp – aids in fighting dandruff and preventing overproduction of sebum so, in other words, it keeps hair grease-free.

To make your vinegar hair rinse mix a liter of tap or boiled water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar or spirit vinegar (note that apple vinegar makes a better pick for hair).

Use the mixture to rinse the hair as if you were rinsing it with running water, gradually pouring the rinse on the tresses. To make it easier, you can pour the mixture into a bottle first.