Dip dye your hair if you dare!

You are dreaming of blue hair but don’t have enough courage to dye it? Try out dip dye hair and color just the tips. See why this technique is trending now!

There are days when we look at our hairdos and they seem so boring that we feel like making some changes. I don’t mean having them trimmed. I mean a striking change that will add some freshness and enhance the look. This might involve dyeing the hair pink, blue or green. What if you don’t feeling like changing the hair color totally but you only want to enhance it with a daring color? Dip dye hair is the answer.

Dip dye your hair if you dare!

Generally people color their hair to make it slightly darker or lighter. We rarely go for colors other than blonde, brown or red. That is why the dip-dye technique is surely chosen by the brave ones – you don’t make slight changes, you go for bold colors that contrast your natural hair and they aren’t the common picks (red, green or purple!).

This daring hair-color trend is popular among women who are sure they want changes and desire to make themselves look a bit crazy but it’s also a perfect pick for teenagers who want to stand out in the crowd and express their personalities.

What does the dip-dye hair trend involve?

This technique uses very bold colors that are applied just to the part of the hair: mid-lengths or only the hair ends. There are plenty of colors you can pick (from the subtle pink, orange and mint through bold red, green and blue to the neon shades). There are also different coloring techniques (bold hair tips or smooth transitions of colors e.g. soft ombre).

If you want to make changes and play with the colors, the dip-dye technique makes a good pick. Still, it’s better to have it done by a pro who preps the hair the right way and uses the suitable coloring products.

Benefits of dip-dye hair technique

  • You can totally change your hair by enhancing just the part of it.
  • You will stand out in the crowd without the exaggerated, unnatural effect.
  • If you don’t like the look, you can simply have the ends chopped off!
  • It’s easier to perform than the regular hair coloring.
  • Colorful ends make you look fresh and young.

This is a perfect pick for the summer festivals and outdoor events.

How to: dip dye hair step by step

To achieve the effect, choose between two ways: either go to the salon or do it at home. If you decide to do it on your own, you must be aware that you need the necessary skills and products to avoid hair damage. Sometimes it’s better to go for the professional in-salon coloring. To be honest, dip dye hair only seems to be easy to achieve.

Things to remember:

  • if you’ve got fair hair, virtually every bold color (green, pink, blue, purple) will work for you, looking great after applying just one coating.
  • if you’ve got dark hair, firstly you will need to have the ends bleached to make the new color bold e.g. against the brown hair.

Summary. Does this technique always make a good pick?

Surely dip-dye hair is extraordinary. It will appeal to anyone who wants to change something about their appearance and give it some extravagance. Does it always make a good choice, though?

If you think about dip-dyeing your hair, there is one condition: your tresses must be long. The effect of bold tips won’t be achieved on short hair. That is why you need healthy hair without split ends. Dip-dye surely won’t look good on damaged, brittle, split tresses.