How to soothe and improve dry/damaged hair? Keratin, argan and natural oils

Dry hair isn’t rare. Tresses lose water mainly because we devote too little time to take good care of them. Just try to recall the last few times you used a hair dryer. Didn’t you dry the hair in a rush? The sad truth is that in order to speed blow drying up, we tend to set the hair-styling tool to generate the hottest air-stream it’s only able to blow with. And the hair does get dry also in a literal sense because the heat causes serious damage to strands and knocks water out of the shafts.

Obviously, a blow-dryer isn’t the only factor that contributes to depriving our locks of hydration. There are many other things that deteriorate hair condition. Sadly, restoring good health to hair is a troublesome task, unless you know the substances that would make it way easier.

What makes hair damaged?

The most aggravating factor that contributes to ruining the hair is… the lack of time. Indeed, this is the main cause of us treating the tresses unfairly and harshly. We not only don’t have time to take good care of the hair but also we can’t even dry it properly. We go for high temperatures that obviously don’t ruin our hair when applied once in a while, yet using them too often results in rapid hair damage that is inevitably followed by dehydration.

These bad hair care habits are often combined with the application of ill-matched hair care products full of dehydrating alcohols, parabens and silicones. Frequent exposition to the unfavorable weather conditions, stress, smog, dirt and dry air makes the situation even worse. We shouldn’t also forget the mechanical damage we cause to hair by tugging it while combing, styling and washing.

Hair washing is an element of hair care routine, too!

Dry, weak and damaged hair needs to be treated gently and requires a daily portion of hydration that should be delivered already during the first stage of our hair care routine. Resign from shampoos that are formulated with harsh washing agents such as SLS and SLES. Such constituents deprive hair of water and can even irritate scalp. What may be surprising, all-natural shampoos doesn’t lather, or lather only subtly, but obviously this isn’t an indicator of the product being spoiled, has past its expiration date or is ineffective.

Dry and damaged hair would use some delicate and natural shampoos available either in a lotion or bar form. Check whether they are formulated with panthenol, aloe, honey, natural oils, keratin and nourishing vitamins. Even a cream shampoo can positively affects fatigued hair. Although it’s rather thick and heavy, such type of shampoo delivers a massive portion of nourishment and moisture to strands. This makes it a perfect product to treat and improve dehydrated hair.

Nourishing hair masks and conditioners

No matter if damaged or dehydrated, hair needs to be given intensive treatment and be constantly supplied with a few valuable nutrients – this will help it get back to its good condition. For that reason, go ahead and take advantage of hair masks, conditioners and natural oils to regenerate and nourish scalp, follicles and hair shafts. Each of the hair parts needs support.

Hair masks and balms are the most powerful weapons to deal with various hair problems. Undoubtedly, moisturizing conditioners have to be applied after each hair washing, yet mainly to help smooth out hair shafts by closing the cuticles. However, if you would like to deliver more, you can mix a regular hair conditioner with a few drops of a natural oil. When it comes to the shampoos, again try using a cream shampoo which brings relief to dry hair and scalp. Such product doesn’t contain any surfactants that strip the protection and moisture off the hair.

All the benefits of keratin

It’s highly possible that the keratin shortages in the hair are responsible for the dryness, brittleness and dullness. The good news is that you don’t have to run to a hairdresser to get keratin hair treatment done in order to regenerate, moisturize and repair the fatigued hair of yours. Before that, reach for a keratin hair mask – some of them can give you the desired in-salon effects. You can treat the hair with keratin mask even twice a week, especially if you feel that the hair is seriously damaged and needs support.

A good keratin hair mask is able to fix micro-damage in hair, which means that it repairs hair surface and its inner structures. This is one of the most powerful hair care products ensuring measurable hair improvement. Why is keratin hair mask able to deliver so many benefits to the tresses? Simply because keratin is a natural building block of hair. Therefore, using keratin hair mask regularly overcomes the problem connected with keratin shortages.

Argan oil and other natural oils

There are many effective and workable solutions to follow in order to transform dry and damaged hair into fabulous and full-looking tresses. To be successful, you must realize that the moisture has to be locked inside the hair. How to do it? Expose the hair to a portion of emollients that apart from nourishing, they also prevent hydration from escaping the hair. For that reason, make use of the power of natural oils and expose your strands to hair oil treatment. This is at-home treatment known for improving hair and scalp like no other. In the case of dry hair, try using avocado oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil and evening primrose oil.

Another way to help dry and damaged hair become stronger and regenerated is through application of the “retro” oil – our grandmas’ beloved castor oil. It works wonders, is cheap and lasts long. On the top of that, castor oil is able to improve not only hair but also the nails, eyebrows, eyelashes and face. Why is castor oil so potent? The secret lies in its structure that appears to be similar to human keratin, which makes it so effective in improving our looks. Additionally, pure castor oil is antiseptic which means that it deals with bacteria that cause acne, dandruff and inflammations.

How to use castor oil correctly? Luckily, this isn’t troublesome at all. Once in a while apply it to the scalp and hair. Let it sit on the hair from 15 minutes up to one hour. Then, you can shampoo the strands as always.

Good luck with repairing your dry and damaged hair!